…with nice messages.

I tried to do this one time at the retirement home, except I was wearing nothing but my Burt Reynolds mask and a banana hammock, minus the hammock.



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I'm old, I'm a drunk and I love me some spoons. Put that on my tomb stone and say goodnight. I like to post videos that give me jolliment. If I post anything that looks like a nudie vid, that's my brother Brian, the only brother in the family who's name doesn't start with an E. The only reason I gotta warn y'all of that is because last time I worked for a website, Brian took a notion to sharing a video of some gal tongue twirlin' another gal's poot shoot and got me fired. If any of you gals out there, preferably if you're a little rotund, would like to send me nudies, please direct them to this email: SpooninAndCroonin@Bellsouth.com. WEBSITE RUNNER: IN THIS SPOT, PLEASE INCLUDE THAT PICTURE I SENT YOU OF LYLE LOVETT SLAPPIN' THE SPOONS. I KNOW IT AIN'T ME, BUT I WANNA LOOK GOOD. "If you aint playin the spoons then you might as well be playin with your pecker." - Eddy Calico

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